Alaskan Roots

Gourmet cuisine and an authentic Alaskan experience brought to you by Todd Ritter.

Dinner Parties

Hosting a dinner party? I’ll meet you at your location to wine and dine your friends like you’d never believe! I take pride in every bite of your fully customized, 3-12 course meal.

Adventure Chef

Have an adventure planned, but don’t want to stress over meal prep and cooking? Invite me along and I’ll bring all the ingredients and supplies to whip up the best outdoor meal of your life.

Private Events

I would love to cater your events such as weddings, personal parties, company parties, and holiday parties. From a variety of appetizers to full 12-course meals, my event catering can be customized to whatever your heart desires. 

Only The Freshest Ingredients

I source my ingredients from a variety of local vendors, and of course, the great out doors – always keeping quality top priority. Click below to learn about my elusive sources.

Join me at the

Sheldon Chalet

I’ve recently brought my love for food up to this beautiful chalet located right on Denali in the middle of Alaska. Denali is the tallest mountain in North America. The Sheldon Chalet, located about a third of the way up in a massive amphitheater of mountains, has five rooms and the guests are flown in and out of the small town of Talkeetna by helicopter. I get the Luxury of preparing the entire menu for the extent of their stay.

The guests get to walk into a towering display of Alaska’s freshest seafood accompanied by my favorite preparations. From there I get to serve course after course, filling their bellies over and over while sharing stories and sipping on fine wine, sake, or any other desired cocktails or spirits.

I Know People.

From sourcing to labor, it often takes a village to make your events exactly what you dream. Our community has some serious talent who I’m proud to work with and promote!

Lavish Catering  a unique service offering pretty and delicious foods while you and your bridal party get ready for your wedding. Melodie provides full service from start to finish, making your day fun and memorable.






Now you can spice up any meal with a little of Todd’s touch.

This unique concoction is made from honey, bourbon, apple cider vinegar, Moroccan preserved lemons, fresh ginger, garlic and the floral Carolina Reaper.

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Here’s What Your Neighbors Have to Say

“Amazing food and Chef. Personal chef daily while we were on a 2-week vacation. Simply amazing. We went and did what we wanted and returned to 3 healthy and amazing food dishes daily. What a way to travel.”

Lisa R.

“The su jets which was a red sauce some crushed tomatoes and some pepperoni and sausage. Didn’t think that combination would bring a rich soup together but WOW. The homemade gnocchi was yummy and fluffy. It made my stomach feel warm like I’d been getting over a cold and I had a delicious hot soup and reminded me of sitting by a warm toasty fire.”

Jonathan B.

“Very professional, very creative and very clean! Todd was ready to help answer my questions and planned our weekly meals perfectly. With his passion, you can be sure he has my family’s business going forward.”

Erick V.

“Todd has the ability to turn the mundane into something complex and extraordinary. I am looking forward to my next foray into the Appalachian mountains, foraged mushrooms, fresh-cut edibles, and a belly-warming meal at the end. Top shelf, culinary wizard.”

Jesse C.

“Todd is amazing! His food has a creative flair with both flavors, textures, and presentation….a magnificent food experience, every time! “

Tarah S.

“Todd’s raspberry ribs were to die for! You can taste his passion for food in every dish and his creativity surprises me every time.”

Kayli K.

Has Todd left a mark on your taste buds?

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